The Aqua String Band has partnered with Danny Ferretti Design to unveil a completely new!

The Aqua String Band has partnered with Philadelphia area-based Danny Ferretti Design to unveil its new home on the internet: Captain Ken Maminski described the challenges the band had, and what they were looking to fix:


“We needed a new, fresh, and modern take on what is an historical and tradition filled organization. We didn’t just need a new website – we needed to integrate our social media, create a launch point for our amazing collection of photos and videos, and most importantly, we wanted to be able to reach out to our friends and fans while making it easier for them to reach out to us. For any organization this is a tremendous challenge, but when you factor in Aqua’s very unique style and offering, we realized right away that we needed someone who understood our band and what we were trying to do – and Danny (Ferretti) exceeded our expectations.” allows fans to access the latest Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram updates, performance information, and a growing pictorial history from a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Danny described his approach to the project: “I could not pass up the opportunity and challenge to build a comprehensive tool and strategy for an authentic Philadelphia Mummers String Band.” In addition to site creation, Aqua has entered into a hosting support agreement with Danny Ferretti design to provide ongoing major updates and optimized performance.

Danny and members of Aqua’s marketing and business committees worked closely together, nearly around the clock, and were able to outline, build, and release a radically different look and approach in a little over one week.

While browsing the new site, Captain Ken noted that “The officers, and members of the Aqua String Band give a huge tip of the hat to Danny and his team.”

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