Paranormal Track-tivity

Continue with caution as you approach Aqua’s abandoned train yard. Left to rot, these railroad cars and run down locomotives have become haunted by those who use to ride in them. Through the darkness of the tunnel, you may see the train light peering through, carrying its passengers. Watch as these spirits search through their decaying station and find unexpected ghostly surprises along the way. Notice how these ghouls are stuck with those they died in unfortunate accidents, just longing to be back “Home on the Range”. Just as they become content in their life after death, be prepared for any disasters that may await them, before the “Ghost Train” arrives to take them to their final destination. Beware of any hitchhiking ghosts that may be left behind, for you don’t want to be apart of this “Paranormal Track-tivity”

The 'Paranormal Track-tivity' Photo Gallery

Beware of any hitchhiking ghosts that may be left behind